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On Wednesday, June 23rd the Weaver Union School Board approved the 2021-2024 Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).  The plan is required by the State Department of Education and also must be approved by the County Superintendent of Schools.  The current LCAP had significant requirements above and beyond previous LCAPs due to the pandemic.  The District held 11 separate stakeholder meetings throughout the months of March through May and utilized the feedback to create this year's current document.  The overwhelming feedback from staff, parents, community members and students was a desire to get back to "normal" and to support student's learning recovery.  The District created four (4) overall goals:

1.  Continue to provide an educational experience that includes highly qualified staff, culturally responsive and inclusive curriculum, sufficient and appropriate instructional materials and well maintained, safe and secure school facilities.

2.  Weaver will narrow the achievement gap by 30%, by May 31, 2024, that exists  between our unduplicated student groups, African American Students and Students with disabilities and our "All Students" group as measured by CAASPP results in ELA and math for grades 3-8.

3.  Weaver believes that strong and effective communication between schools and home increases meaningful parent engagement and enhances overall success of our students.

4. Weaver will respond proactively to enhance learning recovery and increase support to address the social-emotional well-being and mental health of our students who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The entire document is available for review on the district webpage.