Ribbon Cutting

After 10 years in the making, Weaver Union School District finally held a ceremony to commemorate the completion of the middle school modernization and new construction project.  The project was actually completed in 2020, but the pandemic made the event impractical until recently.  The project began with the passing of a Bond back in November of 2012.  The District had to wait until the State had funding to match the project which didn't come until 2018.  Construction began in 2018 and was completed in July of 2020.  The new construction consists of 12 classrooms and a new main office.  The campus is completely secure now and the students and staff will enjoy upgrades to the gym, locker rooms, hardcourts, library, staff room, server room,  administration offices and a fresh coat of paint for the entire campus.   Board members past and present were on hand as well as a few retired administrators.  Special Thanks to Tom Wieck (Cumming Corp.) for his outstanding service as the Construction Manager and Jacob Taylor from TBS for the actual construction.  Weaver now has the amazing facility that the community deserves.