Student Accident Coverage - SISC II

Parents / Guardians

Student Accident Coverage provided by SISC II is SECONDARY to any other insurance which provides medical benefits to your child. SISC is primary to Medi-Cal and Tricare. A claim must be filed with your primary insurance carrier (e.g.: Blue Cross, Blue Shield) at the same time you file a Student Accident Coverage claim. If you subscribe to an HMO (Health Maintenance Organiztion), you must use it. If you have primary insurance, a copy of the "Explanationof Benefits" (how your insurance has processed the claim) from your insurance carrier is needed to process the Student Accident Claim. The completed SISC claim form must be submtted to SISC within one year (52 weeks) of the date of injury.


Please Note: 

1.  You may either

     *pick up the form from your child's school

     *or, download the form (click on the link below)

2.  Top portion of the claim form to be completed by your child's School Administrator

3.  It is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to

     *complete the claim form

     *mail the claim form to SISC

4.  If there are any hospital bills, they must be itemized and attached to the claim form

5.  The claim is between SISC and the parent / guardian, any questions or to check on the status of the claim, the parent / guardian needs to contact SISC, please do not contact your child's school or the District Office

6.  Questions, please contact SISC 

     *(T) 661-636-4710




Letter / Claim Form